Evaluation Service for Software as a Service Solutions


The popularity of cloud-based software, under the model of Software as a Service (SaaS), has been rising and growing in recent years due to the innumerable advantages, both for providers (speeds up innovation, reduces entry barriers for customers and improves problem resolution) and clients (eliminates CAPEX and administration costs). Therefore, this type of software delivery  is extending even more in many organizations and environments.

Given its strong presence in the business environment, the control of their quality and performance is essential. After detecting the growing demand for evaluation of SaaS systems, and after 15 SaaS solutions evaluated in the past 3 years, Torusware expands its business area creating a service dedicated to the technological evaluation of SaaS solutions.

The objectives of these technological evaluations include testing and trial of the characteristics of a Software as a Service solution, as well as verify their features. Through this trustful evaluations for all aspects of the solution we can test and guarantee their quality, in aspects such as performance, security, and accessibility, as well as technology maturity or other areas as well. This way, we provide an external evaluation that check the capabilities of the system in each area.

For further information, details or budget, you can contact info@torusware.com