Torusware to Join the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Torusware, provider of software acceleration solutions, is happy to announce that it has just released Speedus, intraserver communications optimizer, into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“With the introduction of Speedus from Torusware in the Azure Marketplace, companies can now combine the easy and rapid deploy from Azure with optimized, direct and transparent high performance intraserver communications.” – Guillermo Lopez, CEO, Torusware.

Speedus is a fast and scalable socket library, compatible with all applications due to its non-intrusive nature. Thus, the offering on Azure Marketplace, “Speedus Lite Ubuntu Server accelerator” is able to speed up socket communications in an Ubuntu Server virtual machine without rewriting the software to be accelerated. This way, Azure customers can benefit from premium performance at no extra cost.

“We are pleased with the incorporation of Speedus Ubuntu Server Accelerator from Torusware to the Azure Marketplace. Customers with needs of low response time between applications can now deploy them in a server that covers their needs, with pay for use, scalability and availability benefits from Azure.” – Venkat Gattamneni, Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure.


From now on businesses can benefit from the great IaaS and PaaS provided by Azure plus Torusware acceleration solutions. The combined solution represents a key competitive advantage for businesses thanks to its fast deployment, easy management and great application performance.

To learn more about Torusware software acceleration solutions, check out our website and use cases.