Your Communications Highway

Accelerates communications in the cloud
and corporate IT systems

Faster applications provide businesses
with higher competitive advantages while
reducing their IT bill

100% nonintrusive software solution which takes full
advantage of the underlying hardware

100% nonintrusive software solution which takes full
advantage of the underlying hardware


More speed, more efficiency,
more saving

Increase the speed of your communications with a
unique software on the market, that improves
all your metrics with the simplest implementation


Compare STANDARD SOLUTIONS VS SPEEDUS SOLUTIONS in two scenarios: Intra-server & Inter-server

Added Value


In Trading

Speedus reduces latency without reprogramming your


In Datacenter Owner

Speedus detects performance bottlenecks, reducing it, the
revenue per server and the clients satisfaction increases


In ISV´s

Speedus will help them to sell better their product, making them more competitive against traditional players in one of their argument, that they deliver best-in-class performance


In Enterprise Clients

Speedus detects performance bottlenecks in systems
with a clear businesses case (invoicing system in a small
Telco, reducing response time in almost real-time
decisions systems, reduce database latencies)


In IaaS Public Cloud Users
(AWS, Azure, Google CE)

Speedus reduces response time and the user´s bill.

Key Points

Image layer

Benefits business where real-time is a competitive advantage


Economic impact of adoption


Allows DC infrastructure to be debottlenecked


Reduces the infrastructure investment (CAPEX)


Reduces operating costs:
power, licenses, cloud bill...


immediate deployment



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